Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 8 - 9.27.10

Holy Hell!  Today was around 110° around my neighborhood.  Luckily I was at work, on the west side where it was a lowly 100°.  But that meant that inside my apt, on the 2nd floor, with no a/c, it had to be at least 115-120°.  I felt REALLY bad for Queso today.  I still feel bad for him.  He's been panting, and meowing.  He hates it.. I know how he feels, i'm sitting here typing this in only my boxers and am dripping sweat from my chest and face.  Hell, if I didn't have to have my windows open, i'd be in my birthday suit.  My photography thermometer was lying on my counter and it said it was 100° in here when I got home, which was only a few hours ago... ugh..

For those that haven't heard, today was literally the hottest day ever recorded in Los Angeles.  113° in downtown or something...  It was on the news and stuff.. it's friggin' September for god's sake!

Anyways, Queso deserved a treat, so I gave him a few.. this was just before i tried to put him in some cold water in my tub and he scratched my arm.  Guess he doesn't like that.. I like how he's crossed his eyes and is really fixated on this treat.. hah!


  1. cat's don't like water?! this is news. dumbass. :)

  2. Hah.. true, but in my defense, my old cat Blink used to be fine with it. She would even purr when I gave her a bath.