Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 9 - 9.28.10

Today was another hot day, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday.  I made sure Queso had plenty of water and left him a fan running so that he could lie in front of it if he got too hot.  He seemed ok when I got home, which is good.  He likes to try to sneak into the hallway when I open the door.. What a Punk!   Today was kind of hard to keep him from doing it because I was carrying a huge box with some new bike wheels.. but I managed somehow.  I gave him some canned food because he seems to love it and then put my new bike wheels on my bike while he was distracted. 

His nose doesn't seem to be bleeding anymore, so I guess it was just a scratch from his brush, so that's a good thing..

anyways... it looks like Queso's got his fixie and he's ready to ride!  Hipster Cat!

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