Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 14 - 10.03.10

Lazy Sunday.  Queso was lounging on my bed most of the day.  He didn't wake me up early either.. what a punk.  It's like he's playing a game.  Work days, wake up before the alarm, days off.. let's sleep in shall we?

I was going to vacuum today but didn't get around to it.  I want to see his reaction.  Blink used to hate the vacuum.  She would go hide if she even saw me touch it.

This afternoon my friend Adam came over for a bike ride.  I live near Griffith Park, so there's some good riding to be done up in the hills.  Hard pushing up those hills, but fun coming back down.  Anyways, he's the second to meet Queso in person, but the first to get a pic..  They seemed to get along pretty well.

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