Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 14 - 10.4.10

It rained today.  Rare for southern California.  I probably wouldn't mind the rain so much, maybe actually even 'like' it, but when it rains it means I don't get to ride my bike, not because i'm afraid of getting wet, but because i'm scared of L.A. drivers when it's raining.  So that means I had to drive to work and when it rains in L.A. people drive like they're idiots, I mean worse than usual.. what can ya do.. *shrug..  unfortunately, it's supposed to be raining tomorrow and the next day too :(  I guess my car could use some love.  It's always so neglected.

One fortunate side effect is the weather isn't hot as hell anymore.  I actually have my windows closed, and i'm sure the temperature is something that Queso is happy about, being covered in a lot of fur and all..

Michelangelo's got nothin' on me and Queso..

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