Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Queso Visits the Vet

So, I took Queso to the vet today.  He's had this nasal issue for a while, runny nose, sneezing, blood in his snot.. but only from one nostril.  It seemed to come and go and only a little at first, and his demeanor and eating habits haven't changed any, so it wasn't worrying, so I was hoping it would just go away permanently, but it's not going away, so I took him in this morning.

The vet took a look and suggested some x-rays and stuff because of the blood and it being only on one side.  While he's there, he's getting some dental cleaning done too.  It was supposed to be done today, but the vet called and they had an emergency pet come in so they had to push everything else back. Long story short, Queso gets a free room for the night and gets looked after tomorrow.

I asked how he was doing, if he still seemed scared. The lady on the phone said he’s super friendly and ‘sooo cute’ and is happy chillin’ there and just likes to be loved. She may have mentioned he's hanging with some other cats.. I don't remember.. I hope he doesn’t forget me!

Here he is at the vet. He wasn't too happy at the time. He'd just had a thermometer in his butt.

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