Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things Got Worse

Wow!  Been awhile since i've put anything up.  Well, times have not been good.  Queso's lasted almost a year after being diagnosed, his vet says that's pretty much unheard of.  Tough little guy, but I think his cancer is finally pulling him down.  Last weekend, I noticed blood coming from his eye, which is because his tumor is growing.

Then, yesterday when I came home from work, I saw that his face was swollen.  So much that his eye is practically closed.

At the time, he didn't seem to mind, he meowed, ate his food, and then I took him to the vet, who pretty much told me that his tumor has started to grow more quickly and is causing fluids to build up in his face.  They gave him some steroid shot and an anti-biotic or something, to try to help with the swelling, but I was pretty much told that I should prepare for the end.  Since I brought him home, he's eaten a couple times, but mostly he's just been lying around in the sad cat pose, those of you with cats will know what that is.

I honestly don't think he'll last throughout the week, and that makes me sad.  He has such a friendly personality, it's hard to watch him deteriorate.. I didn't know Queso as long as I knew Blink, but I didn't love him any less.  I guess stuff this is, unfortunately, part of having a pet. :(

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