Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queso Still Lives

The vet said he should've died months ago, but I guess Queso's a fighter.

His cancer isn't being nice to him, he's got a constant bloody nose and he has some fluid build-up in his right cheek.  He's scratched his face open and it leaks out, but apparently he's happier with it that way, so i'm just helping him keep it clean at this point.  He seems to have his ups and downs.  One day i'll think it's his time to go, then wake up and he seems fine.  He still wakes me up in the morning begging for food.. he still scratches at the door when I come home from work... knowing when "it's time" has been a hard part of this ordeal recently, but as long as he is still active, i'll keep giving him food and scratching his neck.

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